The Ultimate Guide For Internationally Educated Nurses To Practice As Registered Nurses in Ontario, Canada

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Purpose of this ebook:
The process of becoming a licensed Registered Nurse in Ontario is long, and can be arduous. Patience is required. Internationally educated nurses (IENs) should be prepared to wait, and then wait some more. Your education, work experience, language skills, and the licences that you have in other countries may not be enough (even combined) to comply with the entry requirements to practice nursing in Ontario. As well, starting in August of 2014 there are new changes in the way international applicants can apply to work as Registered Nurses not only in Ontario, but all across Canada. This guide has been written with the most current information available, and to make the process easier for you to comprehend. Please read it thoroughly, and click on the links throughout the ebook to get more information. At the end of this guide you’ll have the opportunity to read the heartfelt testimonials from successful IEN’s working in Ontario!

To get your copy of this ebook go here


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